About MPM

MPM Properties is a regional development company founded in 1994 and based in Cambridge. Our projects are of an institutional standard across a wide range of land uses and property sectors. We have a committed (joint and sole) programme of commercial and residential development ranging in value from £1.0m to £25.0m.

MPM has extensive hands-on experience at all levels and stages of the development process with a good record of working with occupiers, vendors and professionals alike.

We are well-versed and pro-active in negotiating development agreements, acquisitions, joint ventures and planning consents. The complexity of a number of current and past projects confirms our analytical and innovative problem-solving skills.

MPM approaches the development process in a partnering manner. We outsource all professional services on a project-by-project basis with professional advisors and consultants with whom we have a good on-going working relationship. This ensures quality of work and commitment is maintained within acceptable cost constraints.

MPM’s activities are within the commercial and residential property sectors and are generally centred on an area east of the M1 and north of the M25. MPM has a number of sister limited companies that are used to isolate each development from the next.

MPM's Managing Director, Richard Mutty, is a Chartered Surveyor and holds a number of qualifications specific to the property industry up to and including a degree in Urban Estate Surveying.

Richard Mutty
Richard Mutty - MD - MPM Properties